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Start Time (MBrooks 2015)Ordinary Object Looks Supernatural (MBrooks 2015)Converging Lines (MBrooks 2015)Single Color (MBrooks 2015)Unusual Angle (MBrooks 20150Do not belong together (MBrooks 2015)Represents Creativity (MBrooks 2015)Human Emotion (MBrooks 2015)Dark Tone (MBrooks 2015)Is That A Photo?Shadow (MBrooks 2015)Complexity (MBrooks 2015)Whose Hand? (MBrooks 2015)          End Time (MBrooks 2015)

  1. Your first photo is of something that shows the current time! Document when you started the safari.
  2. In the next 15 minutes, try to capture as many of the following photos as you can
    • Make an ordinary object look more interesting, almost supernatural
    • Take a photo that makes use of converging lines
    • Take a photo dominated by a single color
    • Take a photo of something at an unusual angle
    • Take a photo of two things that do not belong together
    • Take a photo that represents the idea of “creativity”
    • Take a photo that expresses a human emotion
    • Take a photo that emphasizes mostly dark tones or mostly light ones.
    • Make a photo that is abstract, that would make someone ask, “Is that a photograph?”
    • Take a photo of an interesting shadow.
    • Take a photo that represents a metaphor for complexity.
    • Take a photo of someone else’s hand (or paw)
  3. Take another photo of a timepiece that shows the time you stopped. It should be fifteen minutes since step 1, right?
  4. Write a blog post about your experience and include all of your photos (if using WordPress, see how to make a Gallery in your post). Describe the place you chose to do this, and why you chose it. What was the experience like? What photos worked for you best? What do you think was the most inventive?

REFLECVisualizing, Imagining and ConnectingTION: Great Fun!

This activity took longer than 15 minutes, actually 25. Maybe I am just slow or there were to many things around  the house to take pictures of.  It was convenient for me to engage in this activity at home since I am not physically at work.  I found the activity fun and at the same time stressful as I was attempting to complete it in the allotted time. I soon gave up — trying to meet the time limit –and decided to enjoy taking pictures. There wasn’t a lot of time to think about what pictures you were taking. You just found something around the house (living room and kitchen area mostly) or tried to compose something that made sense. LOL… some would be considered ‘very inventive’.  Along with the taking and downloading pictures and placing them in WordPress, I used the newer version of Flickr to share the pictures in an album. The album is located at:

Reflection(s) to make Connexion(s)

Visualizing, Imagining and Connecting


Welcome to the Connexion Website!

I am a lifelong learner,  instructional designer and adult educator. Thus, I have spent many years teaching, researching and creating instructional environments and materials for face-to-face and online environments.

This website is a compilation of educational, professional and personal reflections. This website is an opportunity for me to share connexion(s) that evolved from communities of learning and practice in which I have engaged.

Where my reflections will wander… I am not sure!  So, this is the beginning of a journey to revisit past connexion(s) and make new connexion(s).




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